Welcome To Our Family!

My love for this magnificent breed started many many years ago with my dream harlequin dane named Link. I was dealt a hard card with him and he had to be euthanized at 1 1/2 years old (heartbreaking) I have owned many danes thru my years and in the last 8 years I started looking for a select few females and male that I can raise nice pups from. That has lead me here please let me know if I can help you with anything. My Children now have the addiction of having a dane layin around! LOL  

We are a family that is specializing in healthy happy great dane puppy's. We are raising puppies that have long life spans cause we lose them way to soon as it is. A wonderful disposition is a must, and  temperament. We are raising the type of puppy we would want to bring home.  We are raising Harlequin, Fawnequin, Mantle, fawn mantle, black, brindle, blue brindle, brindlequin and merle pups. That are American bloodlines. Please enjoy your time here and ask any questions you may have.  I am always trying to keep everything up to date.

I am having 1-2 litters per year and am very interested in helping you raise a healthy great dane baby. I have a waiting list if you wish to be put on it please let me know. Thanks so much


Located near in Akron IA.  


To Contact us you may do so through:

 [email protected]

or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/twilightdanes


Please be aware of the complications that large breed dogs can have while having a surgery of any sort especially females being spayed. I have heard of several cases of female danes losing their lives after a spaying due to lack of knowledge on the owners and veterinarians part. A large breed dog NEEDS to be kept warm after surgery they need heat pads blankets etc. Or they will bleed to death internally. They are not able to warm themselves and since they are cold they can't get their blood to clot. Please do your research and check into this before having your dog operated on. And inform your vet don't be afraid to tell them this is your family member you are talking about here.  Don't let this sway you on your decision to spay just be aware.